fresh 48 tips


Preparing For Your Fresh 48 Session

- Have a pacifier ready if possible! A lot of times baby gets fussy and just a quick go at the paci is all they need! 
- Have any outfits or wraps that you want baby pictured in ready to go. Same for any special blankets or anything you want pictured. 
- Sometimes this isn't possible with the nurses whisping baby away for tests - but try and have baby fed right before my arrival, that way baby can be burped, swaddled or dressed and ready for pictures! 
- Understandably, hospital stays come with take-out and fast food - which means cups, wrappers, etc. as well. Please make sure all trash, cups, anything you don't want pictured is thrown away/put away prior to my arrival. 
- If mom and/or dad will be in the photos, being prepared with hair brushed and fingernails in shape (try for no chipped nail polish!) prior to my arrival. 
- If you have visitors at the time of my arrival, please let them know I may start getting baby ready/taking photos while they are still there, but I will try and stay out of their way.