Newborns & Fresh 48 


The day has come! Your baby is finally here. You are pouring with emotion, love, and wonder for your nearest bundle. Those tiny toes, tiny fingers, smallest nose you've ever seen - they go fast. They'll soon be not-so-little-anymore, and you will miss those teeny details.

Let Louisville newborn photographer, Amy Marsh Photography help you remember them! Even a week or two makes a HUGE difference from freshly-newborn to infant. Book a Fresh-48 in-hospital session to grab those details as fresh as possible. Your baby is only this little once!

Be sure to book these as soon as you can while still pregnant! You never know how early baby will decide to come. Also, if you wait until baby is born, I may not be able to fit you in my schedule before you are discharged.

Normal, in-studio or in-home newborn sessions must be scheduled before baby turns two weeks old. This way baby is plenty sleepy enough for poses and less fussing. Newborn and in-hospital Fresh-48 sessions are mainly held in Louisville, KY and surrounding counties (Jefferson, Bullitt, Oldham, Hardin, Spencer, etc.) Go ahead and contact me to book your session today!


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